September 09, 2014

Homemade hierarchical material

Last weekend, I made some hierarchical material. This is a hands on representation of the hierarchies from 1 to 1,000,000. This material is intended for use by children just starting elementary in a montessori school at age 6/7, with binx having just turned 9 she is a little old for it. However, having come to this a bit late, I wasn't sure where to start in the albums and I could see that in some areas she would be ready for later works but in other areas there would be significant gaps. Our way of dealing with it will be to start at the beginning and take it at her pace, if she already knows it we won't linger there and if she needs more time, she can have it. Anyway, I had noticed some confusion for her in the amount of zeros numbers had and also in how to say the names of really big numbers. All in all, that is why I spent 3 hours on Sunday afternoon taping cardboard together and covering it in tissue paper. Below you can see some of my process and that it really was cobbled together from random bits of cardboard. This material is available to buy very beautifully and precisely made (mine is not precise - can you tell!), out of wood...for several hundred pounds. Mine is imprecise, made of bits of card taped together and extremely old faded tissue paper, and it was free!

I also made these labels to go with it, colour coded the same as the hands on material. Later this week I will show the activities we did with this.

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