September 22, 2014

Days of learning - primary

Rogue has been working on loads of practical life exercises this week, as well as some sensorial work. He is still loving the cylinder blocks, I don't blame him actually, I find them really appealing as well! 

I made a button snake for him last weekend and that has been a big hit too. It is basically a ribbon with a button on each end and squares of felt with a slit cut so you can put the button through. I made this because he was getting frustrated and struggling to do up buttons on his jacket so I thought he could do with the practice. I have made three sets with gradually smaller buttons and felt. This is the largest one.

One evening rogue sneaked off to the school area and I came in to find this! 

I tried introducing hole punching for the first time. I drew dots on the paper for him to punch over. He had lots of fun punching holes, but not on the dots.

The pegboard came out again. He loves this activity and I am always intrigued by the very regular patterns he makes, never random.

Of course he had to get involved in his big sisters investigation of solids.

This pegging activity was new this week too and he concentrated for ages on it. Really worked the muscles in those fingers.

Scooping macaroni with a tiny sieve. He did this very slowly, enjoying the sounds of the macaroni hitting the bowl.

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